A collaborative experimental communication project that combines the responsible use of advanced technologies along with effective communication and community building. An attempt to help people break out of the filter bubbles created by social media and one-sided news outlets.

University: Royal College of Art
Team: M. Saleh Kayyali, Bian Yx, Tayyib Y. Cayirli
Contribution: Branding, Strategy, UX, Film
Design Strategy: Chrome Extension, Facebook Camera Effect, Offline Events
Delivery Date: 17 April 2018

Assembly and Amplification:

Cultural Change

Students are asked to assemble projects that use social and/or sustainable communication design and user-engaged responsive production methods to explore contexts and/or amplify marginal ideas and/or voices in media culture. This might include working with marginalised groups, engaging with political issues or leveraging the power of contemporary media platforms to instigate social or cultural change.

This body of work will be shown collectively and students will be asked to develop collaborative strategies to identify and engage public audiences through appropriate media forms.