LP Cover Calligraphy

Just listened to music and calligraphed with the flow. My hand literally moved on his own. I am very happy with the outcomes because I learned so much about using the space with organic and inorganic type.

Cient: Personal
Date: 11 March 2015
Technique: Calligraphy, Type Design
Vinyl Calligraphy Compliation
Vinyl Calligraphy LP Covers
Vinyl Calligraphy LP Photo Compliation
Vinyl Calligraphy Label
Vinyl Calligraphy LP Photo Compliation
Mos Def LP Cover Repro

Tan Dun – Hero

Mercan Dede – Journeys of a Dervish

Bonobo – Sweetness

Mos Def – Fear Not Of Man

Woodkid – The Golden Age